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Hello, hello! I am so excited to share my thoughts on some of the new products Becca Cosmetics has launched recently. These products include a new primer, powder, and brush! Let’s jump right in!

First, I want to talk about my favorite product in the line up: the primer. It is called the First Light Priming Filter and retails for $38 at Sephora. You get 1 ounce of product in it. First things first, packaging. It is gorgeous. It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a very nice pump. The pump allows you to control how much product comes out and dispenses very evenly. So no complaints in that department.

Next, let’s talk about the product itself. You can read all the claims on Sephora’s website (I am trying to figure out how to do the fancy “here” hyperlink, if you know help a girl out. But until then, I am sure you know how to search on Sephora). Basically, it is supposed to brighten and hydrate you skin and make you look more awake. The first thing you’ll notice with this primer is it’s purple. Straight up purple. This can be a little scary at first, but rest easy, after blending it out, your face does not look purple. The next thing you’ll notice is it smells like lemons. It honestly reminds me of Pledge furniture polish; not in a bad, chemically way though, lemon scent always reminds me of pledge. Anyways, the fragrance is pretty strong upon application, but I do not notice it throughout the day. If anything, I would say it is a nice refreshing scent that goes along with the “wake-me-up” factor of the product. As for the product claims, I would say yes, it does hydrate and brighten my face. Other than that, it doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of priming. I do not notice any effect on the staying power of my foundation and it doesn’t do anything to blur or mask pores/imperfections. I actually like to wear this on its own just to refresh my face a bit for makeup free days.

Do I recommend it? Yes, if you have dry skin and don’t need a primer to extend the wear time of foundation or fill in pores. However, I will say I still prefer the Backlight Priming Filter by Becca and personally would buy it instead.

Next up, the powder. The Soft Light Blurring Powder is $38 and you get 0.35 oz of product. The packaging is honestly stunning on this powder. It is in a sturdy, clear acrylic container. The sifter on the inside is nice and doesn’t let too much powder fly out. The lid is easy to get on and off. Overall A+ for packaging in my opinion.


Becca claims this is “a translucent, loose, setting powder that acts as a veil to blur imperfections, set makeup with a subtle radiance, and add dimension while eliminating shine for a natural, perfected finish.” First off, I would not call it translucent.  You can see in the picture that it definitely has color to it and while it’s not super noticeable on the skin,  it is there. I tried setting my undereyes with this and I could see the color of the powder covering up my lighter concealer. All over the face, I do think it is a really pretty powder. I have dry skin so most of the time I don’t powder my face at all, but I can dust this all over and it sets everything nicely and doesn’t dry me out. I also like the way my other products (contour, blush, etc) layer on top of this. Also, it has a very subtle shimmer to it that gives the face a natural radiance which I like.


Would I recommend? It is hard for me to say because I don’t use powders often so I am not sure how it compares to others on the market. What I can tell you is I like it and I will continue to use it. If you have dry skin and are looking for a powder that doesn’t accentuate that, I think this one is really nice.

Finally, lets look at the brush. It is simply called the Soft Kabuki Brush. It is $30 at Sephora and has synthetic bristles. They recommend using this brush for everything “From setting the face to contouring”.

So just from looking at it you can tell it is a relatively common brush. The bristles are very soft, the handle is really sturdy feeling, and I haven’t had any trouble with shedding. Those are all great things to have in a brush. The bristles are not densely packed so I would say this is strictly a powder brush. My favorite use I have found for this brush is blending out blush if I go a little heavy with it.

Would I recommend it? Probably not. The kicker for me  is the price. It is a nice brush and I don’t really have any complaints, but I think I could get something that works just as well  for a cheaper price.

Thanks for sticking around if you made this far!

Talk to you soon!


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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