Is It Worth It: Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes

Soo.. it’s about time I got around to writing my first blog post! I wanted to start this blog off with an “Is It Worth It” type series. Basically, I want to talk to you all about the stupid expensive makeup products I have bought and let you know if I (an average 20something year old girl) think it was worth the high price tag. I also knew I wanted to start off on a positive note so I decided to talk about the oh-so-popular Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes. So let’s do this!

First things first let’s talk price, because that’s sort of important in this situation. One of these palettes will set you back $80. Crazy I know. For that you get 12 eyeshadows at a total weight of 24 grams. So that breaks down to about $6.67 an eyeshadow at 2 grams each. Compared to a Mac eyeshadow, which is $6 for 1.3 grams of product, the price doesn’t seem so bad in my opinion.

Moving right along, lets talk packaging. They are pretty compact; about 3.5×5 inches. The packaging is a thick plastic; clear on top, black on the bottom. Overall I like it. It isn’t the prettiest, but it is functional. It is well made for travel, easy storage,  and easy to see what you are grabbing.


Now for the most important part: the eyeshadows themselves! Something interesting to note with these palettes is they come in either a matte or shimmer finish; no mixture (at least in the larger palettes). So of course I had to buy one of each.


Let’s start with the shimmer palette. I chose 05 Sultry Muse.


It is mostly warm toned, with a couple cool toned shades thrown in. Right of the bat, these are not super metallic shades. They are a more subtle shimmer, but they can be built up and/or foiled. For the most part, the shades in this palette are very smooth and buttery to the touch. They are nicely pigmented and blend well. Let’s see the swatches:


Top Row: The first and third shades are the only ones in the palette that I would not describe as “smooth”. They have some glitter in there that can be flaky.


Row 2: All of these shades are buttery, pigmented, and beautiful. These are the most “metallic” of the bunch.


Row 3: These shades are just so so for me. They are pretty, but not super special in my opinion. Quality wise though, they really are great.

Pros: These shadows are buildable and most have a very nice texture.

Cons: You cannot get a look out of this palette alone. You will have to pull in a matte transition at the very least.  For me, the colors just are not super inspiring. I think I have others like it in my collection.

Worth It? I will say this: if I hit pan on this palette I don’t see myself repurchasing it. Like I said, it doesn’t inspire me. However, if the colors of it, or any of the other shimmer palettes, call to you and you have $80 to spend on eyeshadow, the quality is there.

The next palette I purchased was 01 Neutral Matte.


These matte shades are really something special. They are SO pigmented. They apply SO beautifully. They blend like a dream. I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about them. They are everything I could hope for in a matte eyeshadow. I think the swatches do the talking so I’ll just show you.


Row 1: This row has a great variety of highlight shades for different skin tones. Personally, I am really pale, so I use the last shade to highlight and the others as a base all over my eyes.


Row 2: This row is full of the warm tones. These are nice for blending into the crease and deepening the outer corner.


Row 3: This row has the cool tones. Again, the lighter shades in this row are great for blending in  the crease and then there is this beautiful, rich black that can be used as liner or to darken things up.

Pros: These shadows are AWESOME. Blendable? Check. Pigmented? Check. Variaty? Check.

Cons: The price…

Worth It? Absolutely. I would 100% recommend this palette and I will 100% repurchase it.

If you made it this far, you deserve a cookie. Unfortunately, all I have to give you is my thanks! I hope you found this post helpful! I would love to hear any recommendations or requests you have for me going forward. Also, if you haven’t already, go check out my instagram @colourpop_collection to see a lot more posts from me!

Thanks so much!



2 thoughts on “Is It Worth It: Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. Lydia says:

    Wow the matte palette looks amazeballs 😲. Glad to hear its worth the price. Would love to see a make up starter kit post. Drugstore and high end


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